Light Landscape | 6.5×4 feet | acrylic on canvas | COMMISSION for private homeowner | 2017


Ride Your Bike | 5×5 feet | acrylic on canvas | COMMISSION for orthodontist’s office | 2015


White plaster walls worked into faux aged surface patterns using gold leaf and three shades of gray acrylic paint. | COMMISSION for owner of 19th century residence over commercial property | 2016


Originally owning an entirely black iron piece, customer requested the light fixture to appear copper to work with surrounding fixtures.  Copper watering used as reference. | COMMISSION for private homeowner with historic, 1920s Tudor home. | 2016


Unattractive desk from 1980s now distressed in mint green with deep brown upper finish for a more appropriate look in older home. | COMMISSION for owner of historic 1940s dwelling. | 2016


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